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Do not quit. Or, do.

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

It all started when I was reading on the Future of Web Design site and admiring the on-site snow flake effect that certainly looks Flash-y but in fact uses the jQuery library. Reading on about the team behind FOWD: Carsonified, I then started reading about their recent (2007) rebranding efforts. Quite a job well done I must say. Not only for the the rebranding itself, but how the process was made transparent and shared with the community. Good job Elliot!

On finishing the reading, I stumbled upon an entry that the Director Ryan Carson posted:

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3 steps to a web business without internet

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Having moved into the new condo for almost a month, internet still hasn’t been set up at home. I could have blamed myself for not getting the acts together in time, but I have chosen to join the public grudge towards BT’s inefficiency and unreasonable pricing in activating landlines. Considering I was also down with the flu for a weekend, the lack of internet access was rather frustrating at the beginning, but it’s made me rethink about how much I need (or, don’t need) the internet. I thought I’d start on how I’ve managed to continue the freelancing web design business and completed a website (pretty much) without internet access.


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