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Brand and consumer perceptions: innocent smoothies

Businesses often think about how their brands are or can be perceived by the customers. Listening to the 187th episode of podcast today made me look at this brand image from a different perception.

Brand specialists and consultants talk mostly about brand loyalty and meeting expectations when they speak of brand images. The Boagworld podcast talked about an incident when a customer of innocent smoothies wrote the marketing team a genuine feedback email. It didn’t contain any particular positive nor negative comments, but simply a sharing of appreciation.

Well, after a week long of homemade lunches, I opted for a lazy bought lunch. But what a fantastic idea the veg pot is, as not only have I had a lazy lunch, but a healthy one!

The best part of this is that I can now happily have fish ‘n’ chips for tea. Well done! The added bonus to this is that our local fish ‘n’ chips shop is busy on a Friday that sometimes it’s necessary to wait, which of course, is best done at the local pub.

Yours truly,


Like Paul said, you don’t get people writing to IBM with that tone of voice. So here’s something to think about when planning brand strategies. How would you like your brand to be perceived by your customers? And more importantly, how would you like to perceive your customers? This is how innocent does it (within 1 working day):

Hello Carolyn,

Thanks for getting in touch. Without sounding too full of ourselves, we’re rather proud of our veg pots too. But the only opinion that really counts is that of people like yourselves, so it’s great to know that you’ve been enjoying them so much.

I’m going to forward your email onto the lovely ladies in our product team who make them. As I know, they’re really keen to hear what people think. You’re no doubt have put a big smile on their faces as well, so good on you!

In fact, hell with it. Take it back. Carolyn, you rule!

Stay funky monkey. And don’t park on the double yellows. The paint burns your tyres.
(This might not actually be true.)

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One Response to “Brand and consumer perceptions: innocent smoothies”

  1. jasille says:

    In fact, hell with it. Take it back. Carolyn, you rule!
    they sell it even more pricely here in HKG…it’s amazing this sweet little comp could survive?

    well perhaps it’s all about branding..?
    or perhaps not…

    have fun in dubai =)


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